Introducing DoveCard’s Bluetooth® BizCard Exchange

As the world starts to open back up, opportunities to network are opening back up right alongside it. After being at a standstill for so long, we are all eager to get back out there and catch up with old connections and make new ones along the way. DoveCard gets it, with our People Nearby and Bluetooth® Exchange features it makes reconnecting a cinch and enables you to connect like never before.

Imagine you’re at a conference or convention and there are hundreds if not thousands of people to meet? What strategy do you take to meet as many people as possible? Would you exhaust yourself making as many introductions as you could and sift through them later? Maybe you would come with a plan to only interact with pre-selected individuals? Or perhaps you would work smarter and put technology to use?

DoveCard puts a network of people in the palm of your hands without the need for a face-to-face introduction. Imagine being able to send your business card without ever shaking hands! With DoveCard’s Bluetooth Exchange feature, found on the People Nearby page, getting your name out there and interacting with contacts, new and old is easier than ever!

With your Bluetooth technology enabled for DoveCard, the possibilities of who you might meet are endless. The People Nearby screen will automatically search for other DoveCard users utilizing the feature in your area, giving you the opportunity to interact with them how you see fit. Users found within your proximity will be displayed in the lower portion of the screen with an option to send them a BizCard exchange request instantly, giving you the power to connect with more people in a shorter period of time.

DoveCard knows you have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to reconnecting and we want to give you the power of convenience to do so. We believe you should be able to network smarter, not harder and both People Nearby and Bluetooth Exchange enable you to do just that. So let’s get out there and connect!

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